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Job Description:

DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES:- Implementing the decisions and functions of the Municipality Board; implementing the Municipality’s Integrated Development Plan, and the monitoring of progress of implementation; preparing and presenting for approval of the Board an annual estimate of revenue and expenditure of funds and carrying out the programmes and operations of the Municipality; building and maintaining strong and effective relationship between the Municipality , community and other stakeholders; managing of the provision of services to the local community in a sustainable and equitable manner; administering and implementing of the Municipality’s by-laws and other Legislations; ensuring effective facilitation and coordination of the citizen participation in the development of policies and plans and delivery of services, civic education and feedback mechanism; preparing and submitting to the Board an annual report on the activities and accomplishments of the municipality; and managing of the Municipality’s human resources, administering Municipality utilities and property, responsible for the day to day management of the affairs of the Municipality Board and other duties as may be assigned by the Board.